A day in the middle class life!!

An average middle class Indian’s day is filled with 1001 trysts with misery. From being the maze runner who skips the obstacle of potholes every 10 second to crossing a road with a broken red light. J.R.R.Tolkein predicted our life even 80 years before. We the small, lazy Bilbo Baggins are forced to talk to the God of Crisis on a daily basis. Sad life, I say!

Atleast Bilbo had a blessing of an invisible ring, what do we have?? The only time we are invisible to the World, is when we are walking the so called stairway to hell, the Great Indian Roadways!!

You know you are the master of “following traffic rules”, for example look right-left-right and then cross the road patiently, but but but..that’s not how the story turns out! To your dismay, the Lucifer sends his angel in the form of a two wheeler with three heads racing from nowhere or the four wheelers soaked in ethanol to squeeze your soul out!!!

Now, If you think pedestrians bathe in the milk of innocence, then you are totally wrong! You will find atleast 1 impatient human being who has learnt the art of dancing on the signals! Strange talent, I swear.

Anyways the adventure doesn’t end here.
Half of an average Indian’s lifespan is spent in the carriages of metro rail or in the state transport buses!! This adventure specialist’s first morning prayer is not all about the World peace, harmony and well being. Perhaps, most of his prayer is intended towards a miracle that will never happen i.e. a decently empty bus/ metro where he can rest his soul for atleast an hour before it gets churned in daily office/school/college drama!! Sadly, the God isn’t that merciful!

Getting into a bus and grabbing that one last vacant seat among the hundreds of furious ninjas is our first world issue!!The struggle doesn’t stop there.Doing planks for more than 30 second is a less daunting task infront of the overpowering crowd crushing your rib cage and puncturing your nasal cavity with all sorts of humanly odour!!

Keeping all the complaints aside, these adventures are one of the ways my otherwise boring life is lit up!! Whether it’s listening to 60 something uncles talking about the contemporary world issues or the middle aged aunties narrating their own gossip girl episodes.No private cab can provide such high level of entertainment and adventure!! 😉

Thank you💛


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