To another muse for the rose.

"Gather ye rosebuds While ye may" -Robert Herrick The only tangible thing in this universe is this moment, the now we often ignore in our heads and coversations. Here is the fact about my land. The cold winds are dancing into their last days before the sun holds the horizon for next some months. In [...]


The Sky Knew About Us

I hope you know that the sky knew about us. Well, wasn't that so obvious? I wrote letters to you under the same blue sky. We danced our poetic ecstasies under the same shelter. Now, don't tell me that was a coincidence! Even if it was, then find me reasons for the times, we crossed [...]

Ranting of a Conflicted Reader

Give me a paperback novel and I will give you freedom! I don't exactly remember when was the first time I picked up a Ruskin Bond instead of a soft toy. I faintly recall that it was one of those late 90's evening, soaked up in solitude and playful curiosity. A green colored hardcover, grabbed [...]